Sunday, 16 April 2017

What I Learned Today: Losing Focus in Marketing

I swear, if I ever hear another person tell me that writing isn't a real career, or that it is easy, or that writers have it easy, I'll blow up. Or blow them up.

Or make them do all my work related to promotional strategies and marketing tactics.

What I learned today is that, in search of making your blog become more visible, it can be really easy to lose focus when you keep trying one thing after another.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Book Review: Strange Matters by Bret Allen

Book Review: Strange Matters
Author: Bret Allen
Rating: 4/5

Bret Allen

Strange Matters, written by Bret Allen, is a collection of short stories and poems. They are based on magic, myth and fantasy. The author does a great job blending all these elements together to create a mystical tapestry of wonders. Strange Matters is Bret Allen’s first self-published collection of short stories.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Moving Chronicles

I am not a big fan of moving. Which is probably why in the past couple of years I moved around 7 times (approximately). As a matter of fact, If I think back, I think the longest I stayed at a house was for 8 years.

Moving is hard. You leave behind the memories. You pack stuff. You have to make sure none of it breaks and/or gets damaged. You have to leave things behind, or throw them away. That's a hard decision to make!

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