Welcome! You have found my blog in this tiny corner of the internet! Thank you!

You must be wondering what this blog is about?

This blog is not at all about rah-rah-become-an-entrepreneur-make-six-figure-income-from-day-one-woo-hoo.

Rather, this blog is about the tired life of a newly published author.

This blog is about working hard every day and facing anxiety along the way and getting depressed when nothing works out (which happens very often).

This blog is about lifting up your tired muscles and giving it all you got.

This blog is about hope.

As someone who is still learning the trade of being a writer and an author, I’m hoping to leave around tips, advice and lessons that I have learnt for other newbies, just like me. There are so many materials and articles and advice out there for new authors or authors-to-be or writers that frankly, it can be mind-boggling. It certainly boggled my mind. I figured I can’t be the only person who feels this way. Hence, this blog is my attempt to help those who are just like me.

Also, I put up a lot of my writings here. Feel free to critique them! (No really, go ahead. I would love to know your thoughts and criticisms).

Secondly, this blog is to talk about my published work. If you’re a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean, or just plainly love reading about pirates and their tales, and are between the ages of 16 to 20-something, then I surely believe you will love my debut novel, The Chronicles of Captain Shelly Manhar. I feel that both the YA and the New Adult genre would enjoy this book. It has everything that a pirate story needs: daring swordfights, hidden treasures and treasure maps, and huge battles between ships! It also has family drama, dry humor, lots of sarcasm, and a young woman's acceptance of her destiny.

Does this all sound interesting to you? Great! Then you’re one step closer to hitting the subscribe button!

Click here to learn more about Captain Shelly Manhar, the swashbuckling pirate who didn't let her gender stop her from becoming a fearsome captain!

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